Randee Saddle by Cobb Cycling


Designed for endurance and high millage cyclists looking for exceptional comfort and relief.

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RANDONNEUR: In Randonneuring riders attempt bike courses of 200km or more. The Randee was designed for the endurance and high millage rider.

WIDE REAR WIDTH: The Randee has a wide rear width for sit bone pain relief and to provide support for upright riding on the hoods.

LONG RELIEF CHANNEL: The long relief channel provides pressure release in the perineal area from the front to the back of the saddle.

SHORT NOSE SADDLE: Narrow short-nose saddle to help relieve inner leg chaffing and allow the rider to position themselves “just off front”.

DEEP CURVED REAR: The deep curved rear makes this seat a great choice for all day riding.

SOFTER SADDLE DENSITY: The softer foam used in the Randee provides all-day comfort in all riding positions.

SEAT RAIL ADJUSTABILITY: Long seat rails for vast range of fore/aft adjustability.

MULTI-USE SADDLE: Versatile saddle used by road riders, triathletes and mountain bikers alike.