About TRY Bike Shop

TRY Bike Shop Storefront, Roswell, Georgia, USATRY Bike Shop is home to athletes of all levels, united in their pursuit of an active life style, better health, and achieving great goals.

We are small but mighty, focusing on relationships rather than sales pitches.

We have cycling equipment and accessories to suit any level of athlete, from beginners to world-class athletes, and the recreational cyclist who simply wants to take the kids for a weekend bike ride.

TRY Bike Shop TRY Bike Shop is focused on serving every level of cyclist and triathlete.

From beginners to family recreation to triathlon and road and mountain racers, we are here to help you reach your goals. Our staff of experienced racers can advise you on how to train, how to prepare for race day, and how to race.

Shop owner James Souz has always had the mindset that everyone should at least TRY if they even wonder what it would be like to do a specific ride or race.

When you shop at TRY Bike Shop we want you to know that we care about you and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Come give us a TRY and see what we can do for you!

About TRY Racing Team

The TRY Racing team is an active and growing group of approximately 50 athletes, ranging from pro-level to recreational cyclists, that enjoy weekly rides, camaraderie, and a boost in performance from team support.

Depaula Racing Team group photo on a sunny afternoon ride Intended for more than just competitive training, team participation promotes physical and mental fitness, an active life style, personal confidence and individual accomplishment. Most important, it’s fun.

There is no fee to join the TRY Racing team. The purchase of a team jersey is required, available in store for $90. Competing athletes are additionally expected to purchase a team bib for use in competitions.

For more information on weekly store rides, click here.